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Join the fastest growing national property management platform

Bundled’s mission is to build the premier network of property management companies across the U.S. through partnerships and buy-outs


A Uniquely Bundled Approach.

Our tech & team strategy

Customer Centric

  • Exceptional client relationships characterized by high retention and long duration

  • Established systems to ensure quality customer service and responsiveness

  • Comprehensive service offering including in- house maintenance, financial, and specialty services

Strategic Opportunities

  • Creating differentiated value by providing a broad range of services to a diversified customer base

  • Evaluate potential tuck-in acquisition opportunities in local markets • Cost synergies from scale and best practices


  • Industry leading, data driven technology dashboard for tracking client and employee metrics

  • State of the art property management software suite


Team Development

  • Invest in hands on professional development of leadership

  • Provide career growth opportunities for your team

  • Cultivate training program for promoting internal from administration to management

Industry Experience

  • Founder led platform built from the ground up

  • A network of the highest quality property management companies in the country where members benefit from the lessons of others

Operational Efficiency

  • Leverage combined resources and capabilities to enhance operational efficiency

  • Streamline processes and optimize service

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